Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Everybody said that the thing you do, the way you live is what really describes you. That was the standard way of our society in looking a people’s personality. But how could an individual judge you in matter of second when he never really understands what you are doing? I mean, he was just staring at you from the perception of others, of how other people think of others. He’s just following the flow of the society in judging someone without putting one’s self in another’s shoes.  Yes we differ in beliefs, religions and ways of living. But isn’t it great when everyone understand what you truly do?  When every single living organism in this earth has an open mind to look for what others think is right? Isn’t it great if each of us understands things as much as we can? Better as we can without drawing such mistaken observations in a matter of second without thinking for a minute?  Let’s get back to reality.
In this kind of life that we had, it is legal to fill your stomach with a shiny liquid which sends a mysterious spirit in our head. Result? You puke in the streets, you pee in public places and you even become aggressive that you kick even your friend’s butt. Another thing is filling our lungs with some stupid gaseous chemicals that eat our body before we knew it. We even put other’s lives at risk when we do it. For the winning thing? We can do it PUBLICLY, we can do it LEGALLY.
I have come to a thought that is staying at home while your mind fies in the sky of peace and love can harm others? After a long journey in reaching the clouds, you ended hungry, you eat a lot then you’re satisfied. You didn’t hurt anyone, the street smells great because somebody didn’t pee. But then the thing is illegal? Okay I’ll end it up here. I’m talking about this green herb we can find in shirts, bags, pictures and other stuffs. I’m talking about a plant, it is technically a plant. I’m talking about the so called weed, Marijuana or ganja or cannabis. Yes about it, whatever term you used to call it. Is it really a threatening thing for us that the government used to hunt it down? While in other country it is legalized, it is used in medical practices, it can produce valuable stuffs that we need. But then it’s prohibited here? I personally believe that if the government in this country is really concern about the health of its people, the death rate, the crime rate, violence, chaos and other thing that will lead to a worse environment, they should’ve also prohibit other stuffs which can do worse than what this thing I’m talking about can.
I am not here to pursue the legalization of this thing. I’m here to tell everyone that we should’ve think deeper and judge wiser. I’m not a medical practitioner but I do believe that street accidents kill most of the people than this herb can. Driving a car under the influence of alcohol and suffering from lung cancer for years because of smoking cigarette. In fact I’ve never read nor watched in the news that someone died because of using marijuana, and as I know, medical specialists proved that this thing is not addictive. It is a natural thing, it is created by nature. Unlike those blood poisoning and life sucking drugs which is made by people’s hands.  It is not a stick created to stock nicotine and other 400 different chemicals in our body. Nor a liquid in a bottle that turns our righteous thinking upside down.
 Would I blame the society for judging too quick as a bullet in this kind of issue? Definitely no, I have my own perception, they also do. Parents may think that way, so as my professors and friends. But not me, not even others. Not even some people who know the thing I’m talking about. The bottom line? It’s still up to us. On how will we look these things in our own ways. On how are we going to make it a part of our lives. Changes can be made but it is a part of it. What others think of this plant, it’s up to them. It is one of the things that I learned accompanied by this thing, “Respect”. But one thing is for sure. I would rather live the rest of my life in a garden full of weeds, than in castle where violence and judging minds there is.
Now I was staring at my computer for about an hour. I was still deciding whether If it’s right to pass this opinion of mine or not. But my thoughts brought me to the idea that this was my life, my beliefs and my own opinion. I don’t care if the society would judge me or anybody else in my side. Everyone can spliff with me yet everyone can judge.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself”
                                                -Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley

Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey guys! I wasn't able to update my blog for long time now. Like, forever, HAHAHAH. But I'm gonna be reactivating this rastafarian-slash-reggae inspired blogs. For passerby readers! let's feel Irie eyyeah! AND READ MY PREVIOUS POST! and PLEASE FOLLOW :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bob Marley lives on

 I was browsing some of his songs in the internet and found out that famous musical artists not only in the reggae genre had covered Bob's songs. I even found that Bob was one of their musical influences. Some might put their own style in the arrangement of the song. Others also put the song on a different genre, but still, the lyrics and the melody is there. I took some of the most famous artists today who covered Bob Marley's songs. It's true that Bob Marley's musical era never ends even at this point of time.

                 (Colbie Caillat singing turn your lights down low)
                          Jason Castro singing I shot the Sherriff
                    Local artist Bamboo I don't wanna wait in vain
Rihanna singing Redemption song

                       Sean kingston singing no woman no cry

Never let the spirit of reggae music die. Never let the spirit of Bob Marley's songs and messages disappear. Always spread the peace. Jah love!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

MERRY REGGAE CHRISTMAS (how Rastas celebrate their christmas)

Greetings and salutations! 10 days to go and it's Christmas. Let's spread the peace and love this yuletide season. Jah bless! :)

Did you know?

       Rastafarians celebrate Christmas in a different date and in a different manner. Rastas Christmas celebration is based on the bible and traditions of the Ethiopian orthodox church.They called this special day as Lidät unlike what the Catholic church used to call it. It came from an amharic word which means birthday. They celebrate lidat on the 7th day of January. The tradition came from the Ethiopian Orthodox church which is one of the oldest church in the world. Unlike the basis of the christian church on celebrating the christmas day, Rastafarian culture believe that this is the real day that Christ was born for the feast was instituted by the Three King's arrival in Bethlehem to see the infant Christ based on the bible. I think they believe that this is a better and reasonable basis to know the real date of Christmas compared to the Christian's analytical and Bible based proofs.

     “Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him,”  - Gospel of Matthew 2:1-2

          Rastafarian tradition has said that Baltazar (Balthasar), one of the Three Kings, was from Ethiopia, and is often depicted as a Black man even in the West.  n Ethiopia, Lidät is celebrated with a special service at church. The more devout will fast on the gahad (“Christmas Eve”), and the even more devout for 40 days prior. At home, a big feast is prepared. No tree, no snow, no mistletoe. The main decoration depicts the Manger scene, where the Three Kings pay homage to the Infant. Tradition has it that Balthasar, the Ethiopian King, brought the frankincense. And, only children get presents. On this day, children play a hockey-like game called Genna, from where we get the alternative name of the Feast.

         To Rastafarians it is a time to not only celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour in the manner prescribed by tradition, but to reflect on this event in the context of the original prophecy as told to our father , and the expectations of the time of the manifestation of God not only as Priest but King, which the Emperor Haile Selassie  has fulfilled. Rastafarians follow the Ethiopian calendar and start their new year at the month of September.

other Rastafarian occasions:

-Groundation Day (21st April)

Marks the date Haile Selassie I visited Jamaica in 1966. The visit was the only time the Emperor visited Jamaica. A Nyabingi session, inclusive of music, chanting and prayer is held to mark the occasio. They also smoke herb (ganja) during this ceremony

-Ethiopian Constitution Day (16th July)

Commemorates the implementation of Ethiopia's first constitution by Haile Selassie in 1931. The constitution instigated a Parliament and resulted in the appointment of a number of deputies, although Emperor Haile Selassie I retained supreme power and authority.
Rastafarians remember the history of Ethiopia and the events that led up to the birth of the Rastafari religion.
-Birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie (23rd July)

Observes the day on which Emperor Haile Selassie I was born in 1892.

-Marcus Garvey's Birthday (17th August)
Commemorates the Birthday of Marcus Garvey, the Jamaican politician born in 1887 who predicted the crowning of a King in Africa, and instigated the 'Back to Africa' movement.
On this date Rastafarians remember the important role played by Marcus Garvey in the development of Black rights. The occasion reflects on Marcus Garvey's influential prophecy. Poetry is recited recalling the historical importance of Marcus Garvey. African dance is also encouraged.
-Ethiopian New Year's Day (11th September)
The start of the New Year in Ethiopia is recognised because Rastafarians believe Ethiopia to be their spiritual homeland, and a place to which they want to return.

-Crowning of Emperor Haile Selassie I (2nd November)

Commemorates the Coronation of Ras Tafari, as Emperor Haile Selassie I, King of Ethiopia in 1930.
The high priest reads Biblical passages and initiates the singing of songs to re-emphasise the importance of Haile Selassie as Messiah. A Nyabingi meeting also takes place to remember Haile Selassie.
       At the bottom line, whatever our religion and beliefs are, We should celebrate everyday as Christmas. Just like what Bob Marley said, everybody in this world should unite, whether you're a black, white and ofcourse, 'kayumanggi' MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bye Bye Dreads :\

Sadly, I'm going to sell my own dreadlocks tomorrow *sigh* They are the ones I used to wear last summer. A friend offered by of buying them last week so I decided to sell them. But still, I'm gonna have a dreaded head again after my studies and it's gonna be real, not extensions like this one :)


Saturday, November 19, 2011

NyJAH Huston

nyJAH huston:

He's one of the most famous skateboarders in the history of extreme sports, and the youngest one I think.

Nyjah Huston started skating when he was around 5 years old, and rides goofy. He was the youngest-ever X Games competitor, and has been competing against professionals since August 2009. He is featured in Element Skateboards videos This is My Element and Elementality, as well as a Silver Trucks video, Silver in Barcelona.On November 11, 2011, Huston released his very own video, Rise & Shine, under Element Skateboards.
In December 2008, Huston left Element Skateboards, and in July 2009, started his own skateboard company, I&I Skateboards.In January 2011, Huston went back to Element.Huston won the inaugural Kentucky Unbridled Spirit Award for Action Sports. On July 30, 2011, Huston won gold for Skateboard Street at X Games 17.

Nyjah is also a Jamaican, and I probably think that he  is a rastaman or if he's not he's a fan of Bob marley. Some proofs are his naturaly grown dreadlocks, his skateboarding company name "I&I" which is a rastafarian term for "we". You can see on the video below that his element skateboard has a rastafarian designed deck. Red, yellow and green with the emblem of the Lion of Judah.

Competition History:

Volcom Damn Am: 4th (street) [1]
Goofy vs Regular: 1st (street) [1]
Tampa Am: 1st (street) [1]
Vans Downtown Showdown: 2nd (big 6) [1]
Vans Downtown Showdown: 5th (gap 5) [1]
Vans Downtown Showdown: 4th (stair set) [1]
West 49 Can Open: 3rd (rail) [1]
West 49 Can Open: 4th (street) [1]
Dew Tour, Denver: 2nd (park) [1]
Dew Tour, Louisville: 2nd (park) [1]
Dew Tour, overall standings: 4th (park) [1]
Global Assault: 2nd (street) [1]
Vans Downtown Showdown: 2nd (best trick - stair) [1]
WCSK8, year-end world ranking: 17th (street) [1]
Legend of the Ledges: 2nd Open
X Games XV: 2nd (street)

Tampa Pro: 2nd
Maloof Money Cup 2010 OC: 2nd (street)
Street League Skateboarding 1st Series, 1st Stop (Glendale, Arizona): 1st (street)
Street League Skateboarding 1st Series Overall: 1st (street)[9]
X Games XVI: 2nd place (street)
Tampa Pro: 2nd
Street League Skateboarding 2nd Series, 1st Stop (Seattle, WA): 1st
Street League Skateboarding 2nd Series, 2nd Stop (Kansas City, MO): 1st
Street League Skateboarding 2nd Series, 3rd Stop (Glendale, AZ): 1st
Street League Skateboarding 2nd Series, 4th Stop (Newark, NJ): 2nd
Street League Skateboarding 2nd Series Overall: 2nd[10]
X Games XVII: 1st place (street)[11]

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The number one suspect

I was really rocked by this band's sound. A fusion of progressive rock with a touch of heavy metal.Whenever their tune enters my eardrums, I start to bang my head. With the band's deep lyrics and heavy sounding melody, they managed to enter the stage of pinoy rock scene. Also known as the "SUPER BAND" of the pinoy rock, they popularized some rock songs with rastafarian messages behind each word. Songs such as "Song for the suspect" and "Touch the sky". I also snap at a poster of Bob Marley in one of their music videos "Castaway" proving that the ragga king is one of their musical influences. They are pinoy rock scene's number one suspect in terms of  distinct sound and music genre I even called as RASTA-ROCK. They are "INYODUBQUESO NI EDGAR" *laughs* kiddin' they are FRANCO.

Franco started as a collaboration project between its members, who are veterans of the Pinoy rock scene. However, Franco's roots are traced from the Cebu-based band Frank, which Reyes formed in 1996. Frank was one of the bands that boosted the Cebu rock scene, In late 2008, Gabby Alipe, Mendoza, Toleran and Meneses collaborated with Reyes, who returned to the Philippines, to form Franco.


Franco Reyes of Inyo (Frank) - rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Gabby Alipe (urbandub) - rhythm guitar, vocals
Paolo "ocho" Toleran (queso) - lead guitar
Jan-jan Mendoza (urbandub) - drums
Buhawi Meneses (parokya ni edgar) - bass guitar

Monday, November 14, 2011

rastafari in boxing???

Okay, so first of all, I want to congratulate Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao for beating the mexicano dinamita Juan Manuel Marquez for the second time around. You made our country proud once again! That was indeed a very close and thrilling fight! So stop the controversies, arguments and doubts, Filipinos are one of the best fighters in the world. Greetings and salutations sir!

   As the title of this post says, is there really a rastafarian personality in the history of professional boxing? Well, I really don't know but there is a connection between the two I think. "WHO IS THE MISSING LINK?" *laughs* I was really wondering if this famous heavyweight boxing champ is a devoted rastafarian. Who am I talking about? I'm talking about LENOX "THE LION" LEWIS. A jamaican boxer who managed to beat boxing legends such as Evander Holyfield, Mike "Iron Man" Tyson an Hassim Rahman.

Lennox Claudius Lewis,  (born September 2, 1965) is a retired boxer and the most recent undisputed world heavyweight champion. He holds dual British and Canadian citizenship. As an amateur he won gold representing Canada at the 1988 Olympic Games after defeating future heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe in the final.
Lewis turned professional in 1989, winning his first 21 fights. In 1992 he knocked out Donovan Ruddock to take over the number one position in the World Boxing Council (WBC) rankings and eventually be declared WBC heavyweight champion in 1993. Lewis lost the title to Oliver McCall in 1994 but defeated McCall in a rematch to win the vacant WBC title in 1997. Lewis went on to defend the title four times, becoming the Lineal Champion after beating Shannon Briggs by KO in 1998. He became undisputed champion after defeating Evander Holyfield in November 1999. After defeating Mike Tyson by KO in 2002 and stopping Vitali Klitschko in 2003, Lennox Lewis retired from boxing in 2004.
Throughout his professional career, Lewis suffered two losses, both of which he avenged in rematches, both by knockout. Along with Evander Holyfield, Lewis has won three heavyweight championships.

I was really bothered, is it just a coincidence that he is a Jamaican who is wearing dreadlocks and his boxing alias is "The Lion" (the lion of judah?) I also watched a replay of one of his fights (greatest fights of the centuries at ABC 5)  which he wears a red-gold-green colored boxing trunks. Another thing is he played the song "If Jah is by my side by tony rebel" in his entrance in one of his fights. But still, I can' find any information in the web to support my idea that he is a rastafarian boxer HAHAHA. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME IF HE'S REALLY A RASTAMAN?!?!


Salute! Hopefully maintindihan ng readers ng issue ng publication namin ang message ng poem na to. Even though I know that some people might misinterpret this one HAHA. So this is it! My first ever poem containing rastafarian thoughts. And of course! Credits to TIMOTHY EVANGELISTA SANTIAGO for the AWESOME RASTA LAYOUT, salutations sir!

(i-zoom in mo na lang sa kung hindi mabasa ung ibang lines. haha


Inspired by my classmate's favorite reggae band and the lead vocals naturally grown dreadlocks (they are not artificially knotted), I decided to put this band on my blog. They are one of the famous reggae artists in the music scene at this point. Soldiers Of Jah Army or simply S.O.J.A. 


Jacob Hemphill (vocals, guitar) and Bob Jefferson (bass) met in first grade shortly after Hemphill had returned with his family from living in Africa, where Jacob's father was a defense contractor in Uganda. He and Jefferson then met Eric Rogers (keyboards, harmony vocals) (later replaced by Patrick O’Shea in 2003), Ryan Berty (drums), and Ken Brownell (percussion) in middle and high school. After forming SOJA, they recorded their first album, the self-titled Soldiers of Jah Army, independently with sound engineer Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios in 2000. The band released their first full-length album, Peace in a Time of War, in 2002. SOJA then released a Dub version of the album titled Dub in a Time of War in 2005. In 2006, the band released Get Wiser, their second full-length album. It debuted in the Top 10 Reggae Albums on iTunes and has remained in the top 100 since its release. The album release party was held on January 6, 2006 at The State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia. It consisted of two separate sets, with the opening set being older songs, and the second set being Get Wiser in its entirety. The show was recorded and was released as a DVD, known as the Get Wiser Live DVD, on November 21, 2007. In January 2008, they released an EP titled, Stars and Stripes. That same month in Hawaii, SOJA recorded their live performances in Oahu, Maui, and Kailua-Kona. Those performances were released as a DVD, known as the SOJA – Live in Hawaii, on January 8, 2009. Most recently, SOJA released their third full-length album Born in Babylon on August 25, 2009.
                                            (YOU AND ME BY S.O.J.A)

                                         (REST OF MY LIFE BY S.O.J.A)
       his voice gives me an irie feelin LOL. Closing your eyes while listening to their songs will make you feel like your on the beach, lying in the sand in front of bonfire with a bottle of ice cold beer and a couple of hot chicks dancing on your way. HAHA! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turn Your Lights Down Low

First of all, I wanna congratulate miss Philippines for winning the second place in the miss world beauty pageant held last week. Filipinas are truly beautiful, talented and intelligent. Greetings and salutations! You made our country proud once again. 

Speaking of miss world, did you know that Bob Marley's former wife Cindy breakspeare was crowned as miss world way back 1976? She is the mother of the Damian Marley, a grammy award winning reggae artist and her son to Bob Marley.

(Bob Marley with Cindy Breakspear at New York city)
Breakspeare was born in Toronto Canada to a Jamaican father Louis Breakspeare and a Canadian mother, Marguerite Cochrane. Cindy also has 2 brothers, Steven Breakspeare and John Spence. She moved to Jamaica when she was four years old, and as a teenager she began participating in beauty pageants, including Miss Jamaica Body Beautiful and Miss Universe Bikini. She was invited to participate in the Miss world competition in 1976; she traveled to London and won the title on November 19, 1976, becoming the second Jamaican to do so.
She Married senator and attorney-at-law Tom Tavares-Finson in 1981 with whom she has a son Christian (1982) and a daughter Leah (1986). Breakspeare and Tavares-Finson divorced in 1995.

 (Cindy Breakspeare and son Damian Marley)
She is also the inspiration of Bob Marley's song "Turn Your Lights Down Low". He illustrated their romance in the song. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Girls On Dreads

Skipping on the history of this rasta stuffs :) I was really fascinated with hot girls on dreads *LOL* They're the coolest hairdo for girls in my opinion. A typography i did for a picture of a girl with dreads. credits for for the picture :DD (the quote is a way too dramatic) HAHA :DD

some pictures of dreadheaded girls. They're so cooooool :)